Dry Needling is a technique in which fine needles are inserted into a tight band or “knot” in a muscle. The needle is gently positioned in and out of the muscle. The effect is that of increased blood flow throughout this area of muscle and release tension and pain. Yo may also see an immediate increase in mobility and function.

Who is a good candidate for dry needling?
Anyone who is experiencing:

  • general muscular tightness
  • pain
  • decreased range of motion
  • headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Postural deflects
How often will I need dry needling?
Often dry needling is effective in reducing your pain in 2-3 sessions. These sessions would be done once a week. You will often be given a few stretches and exercises to be done at home so that you can maintain the gains offered by the dry needling technique. If your situation is more complicated and multiple muscle groups are involved, then more sessions will likely be required.

Kristin Malmquist is a Physical Therapist and certified Dry Needling Practitioner.


Nutrition can be a challenge for so many. There is so much information out there and what works for one person very may not work for you. During a Nutrition Consultation, we like to understand everything that it is you are doing, what you currently enjoy, what does not work for your body, and then show you how we can change your eating habits to a more effective way.

We will look for patterns, food allergies, metabolism, and food timing. Nutrition is not about counting calories or depleting oneself to loose weight but learning how to supply your body with the proper nutrients throughout the day. Our objective is to help you learn how to use natural food sources, however, that can sometimes be very difficult. Advocare is a company, which Ali has leaned on for over ten years. The energy products are amazing. They not only boost your energy but they also provide mental clarity. Ali’s favorite to product is the alternative sweetened raspberry lemonade Spark and the Pre-Workout Drink mix.

If you feel like you need a little push to help boost muscle tone, Muscle Strength is amazing amino acids. But supplements are not for everyone, so please message Ali with any questions you may have. Or please access this link to order the Advocare products, which may assist you in your fitness journey. To contact Ali, text or call (410) 303-2951 or email [email protected]


Muscle Activation Techniques, or MAT, is a manual therapy that works well for people who have pain, discomfort and/or stiffness, especially when associated with repetitive strain or compensations from old injuries.

MAT practitioners are able to assess an individual client's neuromuscular function by performing a series of mobility tests and then correlating the limitations in range of motion (ROM) with muscle tests that can identify which specific muscles are not contracting efficiently. Once a muscle weakness is identified, MAT practitioners are trained to precisely "activate" each muscle through either isometric contractions or specific force application to the origin and insertion points of the affected muscle(s).

Chris Comfort is an advanced personal trainer with over 20 years of professional training experience (who recently relocated from New York City). He is a Muscle Activation Techniques practitioner and specializes in several areas of health and fitness including postural correction, workspace ergonomics, low back health, prenatal/postpartum fitness, and post-rehab conditioning.

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