Meet Our Team

Meet Our Trainers

Ali has dedicated her life to learning, understanding and teaching body mechanics, physical fitness and nutrition in order to help people regain their youth through progressive workouts and healthier diets to achieve true balance.

Ali True Smith

Chris is an advanced personal trainer with over 20 years of professional training experience. He is a Muscle Activation Techniques practitioner and specializes in several areas of health and fitness

Chris Comfort

After suffering a painful herniated disc in her neck that limited her ability to take on even basic daily tasks, and firmly opposed to a surgical action, Gigi decided it was time to take back control of her body.

Gigi Fisher

Mark found Tae Kwon Do when he was 14, launching his lifelong love of martial arts training. This led him to develop his own personal workout strategies combining physical challenges with self-discipline, strength, flexibility, and balance.

Mark Lorenzo

Rachel has been training with Ali in the gym for over 10 years and has a NASM personal training certification and corrective exercise certification. Rachel is an expert in the True Balance Method.

Rachel Savarese

John is passionate about faith, family, community and health. He was born on the eastern shore to a waterman and a hairdresser. After trying two semesters as a student at UMBC,

John Calvin Jones

Marie has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years training both adults and youth. She has a Bachelor’s degrees in Allied Health Sciences and Nutrition and Wellness as well as a Master’s degree in Sports Management.

Marie Borak

Alyssa is a mom of 3 daughters, 18, 12, and 9. She started her own fitness journey right after her youngest was born. She had gained weight AFTER her pregnancy and began taking group exercise classes, which then turned in to heavy weight lifting

Alyssa Willis

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We focus on correcting muscle imbalances using functional strength training to encourage your body to revive your younger self! Life is challenging - priorities pull your focus and injuries slow your progress, but hope is not lost.
We don't do quick fixes and we provide lasting change! We help you reach your goals gradually, through progressive workouts, introducing the science behind your biomechanics, while recognizing your strengths and weaknesses so that we can reduce injury and establish true balance.
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