Chris Comfort - CFT 2, MAT Practitioner

Chris is an advanced personal trainer with over 20 years of professional training experience. He is a Muscle Activation Techniques practitioner and specializes in several areas of health and fitness including:

  • postural correction
  • workspace ergonomics
  • low back health
  • prenatal/postpartum fitness
  • post-rehab conditioning 

Additionally, he is an expert in exercise programming, able to manipulate exercise variables to achieve specific strength and body composition changes. Postural awareness and correction are always part of the approach. With corrective exercise and even regular fitness training, it is a filter through which exercises are programmed. 

Muscle Activation Techniques, or MAT, works well for people who have pain, discomfort and/or stiffness, especially when associated with repetitive strain or compensations from old injuries. MAT Practitioners are able to assess an individual client’s neuromuscular function by preforming a series of mobility tests and then correlating the limitations in range of motion (ROM) with muscle tests that can identify which specific muscles are not contracting efficiently.

Once a muscle weakness is identified, MAT Practitioners are trained to precisely “Activate” each muscle weakness through either isometric contractions or specific force application to the origin and insertion points of the affected muscle.

" I was introduced to Chris Comfort as a Personal Trainer and found in Chris someone who not only outlined a personal training plan, but also counseled me in good nutrition and eating habits. Without Chris' constant encouragement and support, I would never have been as successful in losing weight as well as gaining back flexibility and mobility. Thoughts of retirement are no longer a priority and much younger people I work with are always telling me how good I look and asking ‘where do you get your energy from?’”
Managing Director, Citi
I was sure that surgery was imminent, but I first asked Chris to look at it. After only 3 intensely good sessions with him, I was already on my way to getting back in the water. Chris has pinpoint accuracy when it comes to getting thru the muscles and sinews to the root of the pain and problem. Now I'm back surfing better than ever.
Surfer and Model
“Chris’ knowledge of muscular anatomy, what connects to where is impressive and I learned a great deal about my body and the underlying issues. I highly recommend Chris as addition to your personal training program, physical therapy, massage therapy and whatever other modalities you use.”
Deanna Figiel
"I've been surfing for 14 years, and suffered a debilitating injury last as the result of a dislocated shoulder from 10 years prior. I had a trapped nerve in my spine, and inflamed muscles, which led to losing all power in my right arm. It was difficult to write, brush my teeth and even stop a door closing behind me. I had intense pain all day! Worst of all, I couldn't surf!!
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