Gigi Fisher

After suffering a painful herniated disc in her neck that limited her ability to take on even basic daily tasks, and firmly opposed to a surgical action, Gigi decided it was time to take back control of her body. She began physical therapy and purposeful training with Ali, and with time and dedication she successfully regained her strength and mobility and transformed her body. 

With a renewed love for exercise, she decided to get certified as a personal trainer and has been studying with Ali for over 2 years to learn the True Balance Method. 

Ali True Smith developed the True Balance Method to help her clients build endurance, strength and core stability, often while recovering from injuries. Through this practice, Gigi has gained first hand knowledge of injury prevention, and form and technique, as well as muscle balance training. 

In addition to her personal training certification, she has also become a certified senior fitness specialist focusing on balance, mobility and functional strength.

Gigi believes it’s never too late to adopt a healthy and strong lifestyle. And she embodies the importance of functional fitness in everyday life, especially as we age. At 50, she’s never felt stronger!  

Along with being a personal trainer, Gigi teaches

“Gigi is an incredible trainer — she’s thoughtful and encouraging, and very knowledgeable about fitness and health. What she doesn’t know, she researches to learn more so that she can help her clients. When I came to her post-childbirth, she learned all about my issues and tailored a progressive program that was gentle yet challenging and got me to a place of strength I honestly thought I’d never reach again. Plus she’s upbeat and super fun to be around! And she has the biggest heart - she really cares about her clients and the True Balance community. Gigi has been such a gift to me, and I can’t recommend her highly enough! “~ Thanks
“I think Gigi is a perfect combination of encouraging and challenging as a trainer. I’ve already been able to do more than I ever thought I could! I’ m someone with issues around body image and some ego damage from high school gym classes, so working with her is healing some very old hurts. I feel so much stronger.”
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We focus on correcting muscle imbalances using functional strength training to encourage your body to revive your younger self! Life is challenging - priorities pull your focus and injuries slow your progress, but hope is not lost.
We don't do quick fixes and we provide lasting change! We help you reach your goals gradually, through progressive workouts, introducing the science behind your biomechanics, while recognizing your strengths and weaknesses so that we can reduce injury and establish true balance.
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