Marie Borak

Marie has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years training both adults and youth. She has a Bachelor’s degrees in Allied Health Sciences and Nutrition and Wellness as well as a Master’s degree in Sports Management. She has worked with a wide range of clients focusing on each individual clients needs and goals.
Personally, she has participated in many endurance events including everything from 5K’s to Ultra Marathons as well as half and full Ironmans. 
Marie has worked at True Balance for 6+ years training clients and teaching a variety of classes. She is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, and NASM Certified Nutrition Coach.


“Approaching a year ago I came to True Balance in need of some, well, balance. I was looking to strengthen my body, build confidence, heal injury and be part of a community. From the second I walked through the door I knew I had become a part of something special. I first connected with Ali, looking for personal training. She carefully listened to my goals and recommended I work with Marie. I wasn’t aware how awesome this was going to be. Marie is not only a wonderful person, but a very knowledgeable, caring, fun and all around kick-ass trainer. She will tailor each workout to your goals and watches like a hawk to make sure you’re doing each rep safely, and correctly. She’s always mindful of my injuries and strategically has me work specific muscles in order to heal. To me, that’s everything. Over time, I’ve seen my body totally transform along with my confidence. As I’ve grown, so do our workouts and my goals. I’m not sure how Marie comes up with all these unique exercises but she prevents plateau and always keeps my body guessing. I simply love that. Thanks to my work with Marie, I’m now comfortable working out alone, as I have finally learned how to exercise in a safe but effective way. My body awareness has dramatically changed. I will say, that my 3 weekly sessions are the best thing about my week. If you’re nervous about starting your fitness journey, don’t be. True Balance is a special place and you’ll immediately feel like family. If you want a trainer who will really get you, work with Marie”
Elise Herrmann

Marie teaches

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We focus on correcting muscle imbalances using functional strength training to encourage your body to revive your younger self! Life is challenging - priorities pull your focus and injuries slow your progress, but hope is not lost.
We don't do quick fixes and we provide lasting change! We help you reach your goals gradually, through progressive workouts, introducing the science behind your biomechanics, while recognizing your strengths and weaknesses so that we can reduce injury and establish true balance.
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